Finances, made easy for you: Your all-round service in Hamburg

It's all about the money? Not quite, from our point of view.

It's all about the money? Not quite, from our point of view.

We experience that many people train and work hard to be paid adequately for their job – everybody wants to earn good money. But is it about money alone? We believe, it is about constantly improving our quality of life – it's about having a good time.

And we are aware that the conditions, the statutory and financial regulations, the specific settings here in Germany can be quite challenging and trouble people's way to arrange everything properly. With "all-round service" we want to make it is convenient as possible for you by covering all sectors of the financial market in Germany, including bank accounts, insurances, investment funds, health care, private loans, real estate and more.

With our mixed team of both locals and expat professionals we can help you in various ways to make your life in Hamburg way more relaxed, giving you the support to not only achieve administrative and financial stability quickly, but also individual flexibility, and most importantly: to improve your quality of life.

Here's what you can expect from us

Here's what you can expect from us

We are an open minded team that has a deep understanding of the German social security, insurance and tax system. We are also experts in getting people's personal finance right. We are anything but buttoned-up bankers – we are empathetic and on an equal footing.

  • Get the basics straight: administration, public health insurance, salary accounts, housing, must-have-insurances, understanding tax basics, schooling, child care, family allowance etc. We will help you to manage it all with minimum effort.
  • Reach the next level of convenience: learn more about the social security system. Find out about tax saving models and have your tax return done. Discover your individual strategy for short-, mid- and long term saving, including family concepts and state subsidies. Discover your opportunities in real estate, stock investment and all the other financial opportunities in Germany. 
  • Make friends and get connected: when all is set and done, what is it that makes you feel really home and comfortable? We believe it is the people. We love to be closely connected to our clients, partners and friends, so we offer various possibilities and occasions to get in touch and build inspiring networks. Join our after-work meet-ups, try out our theme events, make some friends – let’s smart up our lives altogether.
  • Achieve a new level of work life: if you already settled in Hamburg and decided to stay, maybe you are searching for a new professional perspective? Looking for a new challenge? Up to some personal as well as professional growth? We would be happy to introduce you to our career paths here at Moneyfaktur. Look behind the scenes and get to know us as your potential associates.
Stop closing your eyes and prepare for the future

Stop closing your eyes and prepare for the future

Start getting your finance and paperwork done with us today. Get in touch with us for a free of charge analysis and consultation – completely non-binding for you. You can reach us using the following contact details.

Give us a call: +49 (0)40 668 588 88
E-mail us:
Get to know our team and office on Instagram: @moneyfaktur
Visit us at our office in Hamburg Winterhude, near Kampnagel. 

We are very much looking forward to getting to know you and your story soon.

– Team Moneyfaktur

Reviewed and recommended by our longstanding and new companions

Reviewed and recommended by our longstanding and new companions

We attach great importance to responding to the individual situation of our clients - we actually prefer to call them companions. We do not offer off-the-peg answers and concepts. Personal contact at eye level is very important to us. We cultivate our customer relationships like friendships and this is also reflected in our customer reviews.  

"Super warm welcome and professional and tailored advice. I would never have known how many funding channels there are here in Germany and how I can invest my money professionally, safely and profitably. I used to deal too much with ETFs and shares until Moneyfaktur gave me more in-depth advice and clarification free of charge. Great service, I can only recommend it."
– Natalja W., companion since 2020

"Great, customer-oriented advice. The team is super nice, the rooms inviting, bright and friendly. No matter where you stand with your knowledge in the money jungle, you are picked up there and all questions are super explained and answered."
– Kleges S., companion since 2017

"Very detailed and honest advice Eva takes a lot of time during the consultation and explains each of my questions in detail. The availability in case of queries is also great. I feel that I am in good hands with my financial concerns and can recommend you at any time with a clear conscience."
– Melanie R., companion since 2020

"A colourful young team with fresh ideas and innovative solutions for finance, job, career and insurance. Super motivated, friendly, helpful and inquisitive. I always feel welcome and the coffee is exceptional!"
– Dirk Z., companion since 2018

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